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We produce high quality images using both the best equipment and the latest in imaging software.  Our images are HDR both from the camera and the drone.  This ensures consistent quality throughout your projects.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.  This method requires 3 to 5 pictures to be shot of each scene at different exposures.  (I use 5 bracket exposures.)  These images are then combined using software.  The software grabs the best exposure of shadows, midtones and highlights to produce an image that has excellent detail in all facets of the tonal range.  See examples below.

4806 - 2500.jpg

Each house photographed will have multiple interior and exterior images.  In addition, at least 3 drone photos are included in the price.  Note: drone photographs will be shot provided the property is not in restricted airspace, is free from obstructed views like trees and does not have other obstructions that would prevent a safe flight like power lines.



HDR Example.jpg
    House Size                                                        Cost
Up to 2000 sq ft                                                             $125
 2001-4000 sq ft                                                              $150
 4001-6000 sq ft                                                              $175
 6001-8000 sq ft                                                              $200
             Other drone and photographic services by quote.
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